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Medjool Dates
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Welcome to our website about medjool date palms!
We have been growing medjool date palms in California and harvesting the dates for 25 years...
Grow Medjool Date Palms
If you want to grow your own date palms, you will find plenty of helpful info here!
Buy Medjool Date Palm Offshoots
How & where to purchase medjool date palm offshoots in California along with price and delivery info
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Medjool Date Palms for Landscaping

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From the date palm's earliest recorded historical details to the nutritional content of dates, and most everything in between!

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To participate in our tree ripened fruit program for fresh picked California-grown medjool dates
See our Medjool Dates page for prices & ordering information.
Grow Medjool Date Palms
in California
Purchase Medjool Date Palms
in California
Date Palm
Buy Medjool Date Palm Offshoots
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